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A Well Laid Plan

My friend Steve is one of the funniest people I have ever met. I kid you not, when he tells one of his crazy stories, people are crying because they are laughing so hard. Including Steve.

So I saw his wife, Christie, the other day and she told me that Steve came to her and said, “I have just remembered a funny story I have never told you before.”

That in itself is a joke because we’re all thinking that we have heard and enjoyed all of Steve’s stories for the last 15 years.

Did I mention that Steve has a memory problem? He can’t remember movies he has watched. Ever. So if you say, “Steve, did you see _____?” he will look at Christie and say, “Did I see that?”

This guy is funny.

The newly recalled story goes like this. (Did I mention that all his stories are true?)

A long time ago in his B.C. days (before Christ), he dated this girl and they  played pranks on each other. Well, this girl had scared Steve really badly. And putting one over on Steve is like declaring war.

So they had been out somewhere and were going back to her apartment, but they were driving separate cars. Steve races back, uses her spare key to get in the apartment, and hides in her shower to scare her. He waits and waits.

Finally he hears someone come in the bathroom and sit down on the toilet. Steve throws the shower curtain back and begins screaming and waving his hands around like a madman.

The woman sitting on the toilet, pants around her ankles, begins screaming and waving her hands too.

But it wasn’t Steve’s girlfriend.

It was the girl’s mother. Whom Steve had never met.

So here is a strange man in her daughter’s shower screaming at her, and she is on the toilet unable to do anything. But scream.

Laughter does the heart good like medicine…

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