I have been pondering the word, “worship.” From the Greek, proskuneos, its definition has and can be taken several ways. But being more straight forward, I meditated on the literal definition, “to kiss toward.” My results were provocative at bare minimum.

I listen to lots of different kinds of music, much of it Christian-oriented, so you hear the word worship. A lot. Almost flippantly so. We almost make it sound kind of — arduous…like worship is a chore, a duty-bound obligation we give to God. Which does not sound nearly as fun as kissing. So I decided to do a test.

This last week as I heard the word worship, in song, in scripture, in books, I substituted the phrase to kiss toward something. Or rather, some One. It really challenged my intimacy with God.

I was stirred to ask: Am I conscious that there is someone receiving my kiss? Am I aware that to kiss someone well requires some attraction, some adoration? Am I being whole-hearted in this moment, this moment alone, as I throw my kisses around in word, deed, and song?

So where are you throwing your kisses?

One thought on “kissing

  1. Interesting and a different way to look at what sometimes becomes too familiar. What is an example of how this works?
    I have never let my thoughts go there.

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