Fruit from Veggie Tales

My A/C went out for two days. Talk about miserable. You do remember that I just got back from AFRICA!! for Heaven’s sake?  But still I was amazed by my whole process of reactions.

When it went out, I wanted to complain: Really God? On top of everything else? Right Now? When I was sitting inside my house with sweat rolling down places it ought not roll, I was struck by my sense of entitlement: I need A/C. This is the sweltering South, we have to have it. But that didn’t last long, because I HAD just been to Africa. You don’t get have “needs” like that over there. Maybe we need to rethink “our rights.”

Then I began the repair process: How quickly can you get here? How much will it cost?

But that didn’t last long either…because God was really hammering into my heart, “You know, I really have all this handled. Even in this, are you looking to me?”

The great theologian, Madame Blueberry said that “a thankful heart, is a happy heart.” And Paul said “in all circumstance, give thanks.”

As I sit here in my finally cooled house with only a $100 bill to pay, I am really struck by the  privileges and benefits we share. I have to tell you, I don’t think I thank the God of the Universe very often for air conditioning. But today, I am exceedingly humbled and thankful for His goodness. And keenly aware that it is a Gift, not an entitlement.