When God Gets His Way

It is so fun to see God continue to surprise and wow and provide. He is quite the show-off you know. What I love is His tender call to step out, to feel His nudges. He is relentless in His invitations to trust.

And then His reassurances, provision and promises come to life. The book “Dine with Me” was only a whisper at the beginning of the year. The “Real. Love. Life.” Worship cd was only a point of reluctant whining in January.

And now reviewing how God has persuaded and cajoled and inspired and honestly, how God has Done the work is awe-inspiring.

What have I learned?  That it is childish folly to resist Him. And it is childlike abandon that brings the peace that passes understanding. When I looked down the road at the beginning of the year, I could only say, “You want to do what? And how???”

And now looking back, I can only say, “You did what? And how???”

It is the way of God. Unpredicatable in His methods, Unchanging in His love. Unstoppable in His plans.

This Christmas season look at Jesus with new eyes. God’s unpredictable method to show His unchanging love in His unstoppable plan to be with you.