Get Your Boots On…

I can’t tell you too much yet. The revelation is too new. Too raw. But in a season of intense prayer with Jeremy, one of our pastors, he said, “This is so random but I see you in a pair of sandals.”

“Yes I wear them all the time.” I said.

“But  you can’t go very far in sandals. You know how the Bible says our feet are shod with the good news of the gospel?” I nodded yes. “Well you can’t go very far or very long in sandals. It’s like you are casually walking.”

“Do you mean it’s too casual? Am I being too casual with what I am doing?”

“Yes in a way but it’s more than that.  Sandals are too open. You are too likely to have…” he paused here and searched for the right word.

“Backlash,” he said firmly.

“Do you mean like my feet will get hurt?”

“Yes but more than that. You get caught in the thorns in sandals. Sandals open you to backlash, not being protected or prepared for the journey.”

Then the Lord spoke the bomb and the balm all at once. “I see you getting new pair of shoes. They are combat boots.”

I know my face must have looked bewildered.  Combat boots? Not silhettos? Not bright, sparkly, flashy shoes? I think to myself. He continued.

“God is giving you a pair of combat boots. People in combat boots walk anywhere with no thought of thorns, or terrain. People in combat boots walk with a purpose. They are in a war and they are ready.”

Wow.  Obviously by this point I am in a puddle of my own tears. And many more prayerful words followed. I am still dissecting and digesting it all. But as I was going to my car the Lord continued the conversation about the thorns.

“What do thorns represent?” the Lord pressed in my heart.

“The curse, the devil’s attempts to slow you down?”

“In your boots, you will walk over those.”

What do you say to this? And if my head had not already been blown off my shoulders, look at the photo I get today…. A  bride in combat boots. Ezer Warrior.

You better get your boots on. We’re going somewhere.

Oh the power and majesty of this God we love. Oh the strength He gives to us all.
Lord, thank you for speaking to us, and please continue to equip us all for the journey with you.  May you give us an increase of faith to hear and believe and act on what You say. Amen.