Wait Training

When I first saw these berries, I remarked to the Lord that they are like many Christians I know. So much potential and yet frozen over. Two days later, I couldn’t stop thinking about this photo.  Then the Lord dropped his interpretation and (surprise!)  it was very different from mine.  He simply said, “The wait of glory.”

It’s not a spelling error. The wait of glory.

As I mull on this notion, my spiritual synapses ignite like firecrackers. Wait on God. Wait on glory. Believe in His glory. In me? Ah yes, the scripture, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” But hope?  What am I hoping in? No, who am I hoping in? He is our hope. Dan-n-n-ng.


Whether we like it or not, there is a “waiting” in the life with Jesus. And it is holy ground. How will we respond?

Think of Moses as he took off his shoes.  Why did God ask him do that? Continue reading