Does Christmas Interrupt Your Routine?

I am sure you read that headline and responded, “Uhm, yes! It is a constant presence hanging over my head!”

But I mean something a little different. Part of the the fun of Christmas is that it interrupts the status quo. Its coming is to be watched and anticipated. Think of the angels watching as all the world was about to be turned on its head. It requires action and preparation. Think of the wise men who had to travel far to be part of this life-changing event. Christmas shifts our priorities. Think of Joseph trying to find a place for his laboring wife. Christmas changes things. It changes us.

It has been fun to watch Charis piece this reality together. She has gleefully watched the house be transformed with lights and glitterings. She has giggled over packages under the tree. And the star on the proverbial tree was her question yesterday.  Every Saturday at our house is cleaning day, and Saturday is Christmas. So with great concern and seriousness she asked, “Do we have to clean the house on Saturday since it is Christmas?”
“No, this Saturday is different, ” we laughed.

Christmas does interrupt our lives, just like Jesus interrupts our existence. We can’t do Christmas and stay the same. We can’t do Jesus and stay the same either.

So allow yourself the freedom to get swept up into the glory of the season. Sure, there is madness and mayhem. But there is also the wind of God that drives the whole world to one quiet little stable, to pause in awe and wonder.

Jesus, interrupt our lives today and always.