Unhindered Encounter – February 12, 2011

‘…it feels like Jesus has washed my face. He has carefully but intently scrubbed off the lies, heartache and rejection caked on my face then rinsed it with his living water. And with my face cupped gently in his hands, he smiles and whispers, ‘Oh there you are’.” – from Unhindered, by Jana Spicka

Go Deeper.
Real Life. Real God. Real Freedom.

Radical definitions of beauty, intimacy, life. Experience a true love story.

Join us for a one day woman’s event hosted by Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church and Women Getting Real Ministries.

Lead by Author/Speaker Jana Spicka and the Women Getting Real Team.

Ticket prices includes: 4 teaching session, live worship, lunch, the Unhindered Worship CD, and more.

Register Early for Discounts!!!

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Reality Check: Sessions include candid conversations and mature themes in media

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Doing the Hard Work – WGR Class – 11.03.09

Warning: Reality Ahead


I’m excited to invite you on this journey toward God and the freedom that comes from knowing Him intimately. But let me warn you: there’s Reality ahead.

We talk about real issues, we cry real tears, and we look for His real healing.  Sex, addiction, self-worth – it’s not always G-rated.  Life’s not always G-rated. Some gritty words may fly.

But we’re looking for Truth. We want to know Him.  We want Truth to set us free. Free to revel in Him.  Free to know what He says about us.  Free to reflect His glory.

Join us as we link arms and journey toward His Reality together.

Additional Note: There are advertisements that are placed on the video by the online source we use. These advertisements are not necessarily the beliefs of Women Getting Real Ministries.