How You Get to Know God

Begin a conversation. “Hi, how are you today?” is a remarkable what to begin a season of prayer. If. If you believe that you are really having a two sided conversation.

Likewise, reading your Bible is like a love letter and an instruction manual all rolled into one. Before you read anything, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal and to teach. It’s a prayer He loves to answer. You might need to get a different translation. The point of the Word is absorption, so find a Bible that you can understand.

In the beginning, read the Bible in this order. Read the gospel of John, then Acts. See what Jesus says about Himself. How He treats people. What He is capable of. Then see what people do when they believe in Him; see what they became capable of.

As you are reading, also read a Psalm or two a day, and read the corresponding Proverb for  the day. (Proverbs has 31 chapters, one for each day of the month.)

Psalm teaches you how to  worship. Proverbs teaches you how to live.

Then just begin the simple process of writing out what you are worried about or asking for, and then listen and write down what you hear…but also listen as you see billboards, get cards, have conversations, hear music. Simply learn to listen.

Keep babbling like that baby. Keep praying. Seek and you will find when you seek with your whole heart.

I promise you, it is so worth the effort. There is none like our God.
No, not one.