Be still…

I have been recuperating, reveling, and rejoicing from all the events of late. There are so many God stories flying around, that I can’t keep up. Women set free, redeemed. Romanced for the first time or in a long time.  At the same time there are so many needs. Homes to sell, backs to heal, relationships to mend. But this morning I am sitting in awe of Him.

Be still. And know. That He is. God.

Be still. Stop the noise. Turn off Facebook, email, phone, Itunes. Just for a moment listen for the sound of Him breathing on you. Blowing away your fears. Whispering your name. The closeness of Him.

And Know. Without holding back, or doubting. With full consent of your heart, soul and mind. Believe with childlike faith.

That He is. God is alive and well. Happy, victorious, powerful and loving. He knows all and holds all of your life together. He is for you, with you, in you, in love with you.

God. The maker of the universe, the one who formed you in the secret place. God of all gods. Mighty and tender. Different from any other source in your life. Altogether lovely.

Take a deep breath. And let Him fill your lungs today with His life. He is the air we breathe.

Being Still or Doing Nothing?

“Be still and know that I AM God.” Psalm 46:10

Be. Know. I AM.

These are active verbs, especially when God Almighty is in the equation.  It came fresh to me yesterday when I was watching a scene from the new Karate Kid movie.

The student, Dre, asks Mr. Han, the master, when he would be taught all the moves so “he could control other people.” 

The master aptly replied, “The only person you need to learn to control is yourself.” 

Ouch. Let that one soak in a minute. Think about how much time you try to convince, cajole, manipulate, or arrange others for your benefit. Instead, consider how pressing into control yourself, your attitudes, your actions, and your beliefs could impact others for good.

They continue on in their teaching and Mr. Han attempted to explain the power of being still in your heart and in your mind.

Incredulous, the 12-year-old student balked, “You want me to beat those other guys by Doing NOTHING?!!”

Mr. Han looked at his student intently and said,” Being still and doing nothing are two totally different things.”

Add in the God factor to this statement, and you have a profound truth. Being still and knowing that GOD is at work  is different from you doing nothing but whining, quitting, and coping.  Being still and knowing God is for you generates a superpower hope and confidence while doing nothing only exposes your own weakness and inadequacies.

Being still and knowing, experiencing, believing, embracing, leaning on the Great I AM is a life changing point of origin.

Doing nothing is, well, full of Nothing. No God. No hope. No life.

Get busy being still. It will change everything about your Life.