Summer Rain Refreshes More Than The Grass

I love summer. I love getting to work on projects and “hang out” with my kids. I love what seems like a radical schedule shift when school gets out. But now here we are in mid-July and I find this radical shift also has a challenge to it.

It surfaced when I said out loud to the Lord, “my cup is empty.”

Then I realized how little “alone” time I have. For you moms with children younger than mine, I can hear your resounding, “Amen!”

But here is my quick pearl for today. God is always seeking to refresh, water, replenish, renew us. It happened like this for me.

It began to rain really hard, big steady drops. And I heard the faintest whisper, “that would feel so nice.” Immediately, I began recounting all the practical reasons why I didn’t have time to mess with a rain date.

Ever so gently the Lord replayed the comment, “my cup is empty.”

I looked outside at the trees, flowers and grass. They never complained about a good soaking rain. Even nature knows the high cost of being parched and drained from the intense heat. And even nature readily receives the Lord’s refreshing rain.

So out I went. Standing on my deck in the pouring rain. Not hours. But minutes. Enough to get soaked. I cupped my hands and let the rain form little pools in my hands. I couldn’t help but laugh as I tilted my head back to let the raindrops kiss my face. I felt the Lord’s pleasure as I received His gift.

Then a quick warm shower and back to the summer frenzy.

Allow the Spirit of God to water you. And see how it revives your life.

Relationships Need a Real God

It is always a challenge at first to follow God into a new teaching topic. It is not the study or the actual delivery of the spiritual download I tremble over.

It is the living it out first in private before He lets me share it in the public.

Therefore you can imagine my hesitation to teach on healthy relationships. No, more than just healthy, He is going after loving relationships with others, even the “others” that I can’t stand, can’t forgive, can’t believe will be different.

I can talk about a loving healthy relationship with that Lover Boy Jesus all day long. But when you get into other peeps or my family, ouch, this cuts a little too close to home. And yet. Isn’t this precisely the way of God? To so overwhelm us with His love and affection that we spill out and over on others? Proverbs says “the tongue of the wise brings healing.” And we need to hear Jesus speak healing into every relationship we have.

So this new seminar  on June 9, is very simply a time plant a few seeds of Jesus in our lives. Most of us have been through some sort of counseling, even Bible studies. Yet most of us would say our relationships don’t change much. I find that to be so counter to the way of God.

When people in the Bible had an encounter with Jesus, their lives were changed. Some instantly, some over time, but all were changed because He put something in them that produced His life.  Real Life. That is what we are going after.

Plan to come with a desire to pull weeds in your heart, and to let God plant His healing and wisdom instead.

Real Life. Real Relationship.
June 9, 9:30-Noon
Fuse Church, Midpark Drive
Open to All: women, men, couples, singles
Love Offering Event
Pre registered Childcare Only.