Be Loved

Wanted to turn our hearts to the Heart of God today. Regardless of the outcome of your earthly Valentine’s Day, soak on these truths…

Your Maker is your Husband (Isaiah 54:5)

He rescued you because He delights in you (Psalm 18:19)

Let Him kiss you with the kisses of His mouth
For your love is is more delightful than wine (Song of Songs 1: 2)

Never will I leave you or forsake you.  (Hebrews 13:5)

The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let the one who hears say, “Come!”
Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life. (Revelation 22: 17)

Happy Valentine’s Day.
From your One True Love

Seeing, and Speaking, Truth

Charis and I were watching a football game with Chuck and of course being bombarded with the ads as well. There were two ads that continued to repeat in the same order every couple of minutes. Then it hit me.

“Charis, watch this ad. What is the guy doing?” I asked. She proceeded to tell me how he  “thinks he is all cool, and doing all that rapping and talking about how good he is because of his shoes. And he got all those different colors. He doesn’t need so many pairs.”

“Do shoes make you cool?” I asked.

“No mom, but that’s all he’s talking about. ”

“Okay now watch this one.”  We sat in silence watching the ad, again, but this time focused on its message even though both ads had already washed over us at least four times before. Pay attention to what you are soaking in.

“Charis do you see the difference between these two men? One is about the outside appearance. He is saying,  what I wear makes me cool. It’s all about him, what he gets, what he wants. But this  second ad is about a man who is giving to others. It is about him being strong and brave because he is serving others. His value is on the inside pouring out.”

Oh, the difference between sports shoes and the Marines. But in a two-minute time capsule the great war was revealed. It’s not the argument surrounding materialism vs the military. Those are secondary opinions. It is the war of shallow self focus vs a surrendered life of sacrifice.  When we think we have to own, or wear, or look on the outside a certain way, to feel right on the inside, we have been deceived by our enemy. It’s that simple.

Our worth is who we are in God, to God, through God. It is the truth we possess on the inside that creates our strength, power, beauty, love. Indeed our worth.

You know this. You just unwrapped Christmas presents. Regardless of the wrapping, you judged the gift by what was IN the box. Not the paper and bows.

You are the dwelling place of the The Most High God. No pair of sneakers will substitute for, or add to, this great gift inside you. And honestly, nothing will satisfy our aching hearts like His presence. Are we seeing, and speaking, this truth to ourselves and the next generation?

Every time we turn our hearts toward heaven, every time we breathe a prayer of thanks, or ask in faith, we are strengthened to live inside out.  May it be so.

“They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.” Romans 1:25

Reorder Your Life.

This is a weighty statement. It is not one you can just blow past or check off. But when the question is: how can I live my life with more of You, more peace, more connection, and this is God’s answer…what do you do? What will you do?

It stopped me cold in my tracks.

If minutiae is a demonic distraction, if fretting is evil, if my busyness  just avoids the rest and trust in the Almighty, if there is more and all I have to do is reorder my life — then how and where do I begin?

This blows new year’s resolutions right out of the water. This requires a surrender of supposed needs, desires, wants, isms, have-to’s and ought-to’s.

Think of Abraham. Think of Deborah. Think of Paul.  Their lives were as loaded, strained, demanding, and draining as ours. And, God totally interrupted their lives for a holy calling. I don’t think the calling was the “outcome.”  I think the calling was saying yes when God asked them: Will you do whatever I ask? This is before the outcome was known. Maybe we deceive ourselves and think we will respond to God when He calls us to “big” things. But it is the “yes” in the moment He is after. Will you lay aside whatever YOU think is important to follow Him?

Think of Jesus.  He actually knew and understood the outcome of His calling. Yet he was not hurried. He was not distracted from the person in front of Him, though the masses pressed in. Nor was He distracted by the person in front of Him, though they wanted  more and more from Him. He was utterly present, and completely surrendered to His Father to live and move according to His will. His surrendered intimacy changed and challenged the status quo. He lived a “reordered” life. We can too.

But it might kill us in the process.  What I mean is, it might kill the whims and excuses, the fads and phones, the complaints and crammed calendars. How about just keeping up with all the “stuff”?  I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some of this to die off, not to become monks or hermits and withdraw from life. But to shed the layers of lies that keep us from our God and each other.

He and I are still talking about exactly how to “reorder” when I have obligations and others depending on me. But the first step was my “yes.” Yes Jesus, I am willing to do whatever it takes to have more of You.  I will gladly trade the American manic panic lifestyle if I can have more of His presence.  How about you?


A Great Light

I was adding ornaments to my tree this morning. I had to laugh. They look like miniature disco balls. But they also looked liked mosaics. Broken shards delicately placed together to form a whole new piece of art.  And when the little white Christmas lights hit them, “Voila!”

Sparkles. Colors. Reflections bouncing everywhere. Grabbing color from the tree and other nearby ornaments, it became so much more in the light.

You were made to reflect the light. Not be the center or source of light, but close enough to reflect and bounce and dare I say it, dance in the light.

No wonder then that Jesus is called the great light that has come into the world. No wonder the darkness can not overcome Him. No wonder we look and feel so much better when we are close to Him. He came so we could reflect Him. Brilliantly, beautifullly, eternally.

And just as an exclamation point to this thought, I came back to the tree a little later in the morning and the sun was shining on the tree…talk about glowing!

So shine baby, shine.

“Blessed is the people who know the joyful sound;
they shall walk, O Lord, in the light of Thy countenance.”  Psalm 89:15


Fundraising Event, “An Offering of Praise”

Jana Spicka and Women Getting Real invite you to “An Offering of Praise” Annual Fundraiser, November 1, 2011 6:30-8:15pm at Abiding Glory Church Knoxville, TN.
For our first fundraiser, we decided to bring together some of our favorite things: Jesus, worship food, and you!

An Offering of Praise” is a night to celebrate and prepare.  In the Bible, people praise and offerings to God to acknowledge all He had done.  They also worshipped before going into battle.  We want to do the same thing.  We want to bring our hearts together to worship the Lord.  We also want to bring our riches together, whether spiritual or material, and offer them back to the Lord for use in His Kingdom.

Our WGR evening consists simply of:

  • Amazing God stories
  • Audacious glimpses of where we’re headed
  • Worship and love offerings
Two of our favorite worship leaders, Emily and Andrew McCoy will lead us in hymns and contemporary worship.  Please join us!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Abiding Glory Church on Midpark Drive
(off Middlebrook Pike, near Agrifeed)
Casual Business Attire
Heavy Hors D’oeuvres
Please RSVP to:


Can’t attend event but want to give?

We welcome your support of this important ministry.
Please donate here:

Get Your Boots On…

I can’t tell you too much yet. The revelation is too new. Too raw. But in a season of intense prayer with Jeremy, one of our pastors, he said, “This is so random but I see you in a pair of sandals.”

“Yes I wear them all the time.” I said.

“But  you can’t go very far in sandals. You know how the Bible says our feet are shod with the good news of the gospel?” I nodded yes. “Well you can’t go very far or very long in sandals. It’s like you are casually walking.”

“Do you mean it’s too casual? Am I being too casual with what I am doing?”

“Yes in a way but it’s more than that.  Sandals are too open. You are too likely to have…” he paused here and searched for the right word.

“Backlash,” he said firmly.

“Do you mean like my feet will get hurt?”

“Yes but more than that. You get caught in the thorns in sandals. Sandals open you to backlash, not being protected or prepared for the journey.”

Then the Lord spoke the bomb and the balm all at once. “I see you getting new pair of shoes. They are combat boots.”

I know my face must have looked bewildered.  Combat boots? Not silhettos? Not bright, sparkly, flashy shoes? I think to myself. He continued.

“God is giving you a pair of combat boots. People in combat boots walk anywhere with no thought of thorns, or terrain. People in combat boots walk with a purpose. They are in a war and they are ready.”

Wow.  Obviously by this point I am in a puddle of my own tears. And many more prayerful words followed. I am still dissecting and digesting it all. But as I was going to my car the Lord continued the conversation about the thorns.

“What do thorns represent?” the Lord pressed in my heart.

“The curse, the devil’s attempts to slow you down?”

“In your boots, you will walk over those.”

What do you say to this? And if my head had not already been blown off my shoulders, look at the photo I get today…. A  bride in combat boots. Ezer Warrior.

You better get your boots on. We’re going somewhere.

Oh the power and majesty of this God we love. Oh the strength He gives to us all.
Lord, thank you for speaking to us, and please continue to equip us all for the journey with you.  May you give us an increase of faith to hear and believe and act on what You say. Amen.

A Woman’s Place

Submission. Are we really still gnawing away on this bone? This conversation recently warranted space in the Knoxville News Sentinel and Tennessean newspaper. Wonder why? Unless. Unless possibly we talk about it because there is still no unity of the Spirit.

Few people in believing circles discuss the crucifixion or resurrection. Why not? Perhaps, because there is sufficient evidence and sufficient unity of the Spirit that we believe by faith.  But submission often unsettles the spirit. Is this just a case of female rebellion?

Here is the irony.  When Chuck and I talked last night, he said, “Jana you can’t even write about submission because you don’t have a penis. So you will just sound like a woman who is ‘not in submission.’” How sad but how true.

I did note in the article that the woman who favored submission was a pastor. Now that’s a trick. She is qualified to lead God’s people, but she cannot co-lead with her husband.

I remember a conversation with a 77 year-old woman who didn’t understand my strain over this issue. After 50 plus years of marriage, their policy was for her to share her thoughts with her husband and he would make the final decision.

“Says who?” I asked respectfully. “If the Spirit truly leads us, then why does ‘someone have to make the final decision?’ Isn’t that His job?”

I told her that if my husband and I disagree, we wait. We wait on the Spirit to reveal our hearts. And then one or both of us would have better understanding of what caused the divide and one or both would shift as necessary. Then the Spirit would lead us to make decisions jointly. We were both stronger and closer because of it, not only to each other but to the Lord as well.

“Sometimes you have to make a decision quickly,” she challenged.

“The Holy Spirit has never been late one time,” I said.

I love men. I love mutual submission out reverence to Christ.  But this is more than who is “in charge.” This is God’s story. In the beginning male and female were to co-rule. (Genesis 1 and 5) It has always been His plan. His plans have not changed.

Let’s stop to clarify the status of us modern Western women. You have only been able to vote since 1920. For not yet 100 years has your voice been heard. Only when men realized that women were voting did they deem women worthy of educating.

Since the fall there has been an overwhelming attack against the image of a woman (and man). You only have to research the devastation globally to see this is true. Can you swallow your Western sensitivities enough to hear that some men in other countries “biblically” beat their wives if they don’t submit?

But God. His overarching story is the redemption of the broken, power-based mentality of men and the redemption of the broken, silent-victim mentality of women. He has completed this through Christ. And now we are invited to walk as co-heirs with Christ, made in His Image, led by His loving Spirit.

Let’s stop acting like empowering men means for women to fall silent behind them. The objective is Husband and Wife rest in His loving embrace.

For the brave of heart:

I want to blow this topic way, way out and offer some piercing questions:

  • What did Jesus mean that we are co-heirs with Him? Is this for men only?
  • Who was Jesus talking about when he said has come to “set the captives free”? Does that mean everyone but women?
  • What do you do with men who say submission scriptures have been largely misinterpreted by men for centuries?
  • What does it mean that Christ is the head? How many heads do we need?

Take these back to scripture and to the Spirit who leads us in all truth. Listen to what He says rather than defend what you already think.

Okay, Enough Already!

Do you ever just get knocked down by the world and its ridiculous attacks? Are you ever just shocked at how big  and how deep the Lie goes about the Value of a Woman?

I don’t know whether to cry, scream or throw up. When the first offer and photo came through my email, I tried to stuff the outrage down.  And now the email offer has resurfaced. But instead of it being a onesy thing now it is a GROUP thing. Classes of women groping and balancing. What am I so pissed about?

Pole dancing classes. Are you kidding me???  Do we not have enough porn shoved down our throats without trying to mimic the deception even more? Are you not already tired enough of trying to keep up with the world’s faulty concept of beauty?  The dieting, the surgery, the self-loathing? The comparison, the envy, the jealousy that leads to even more harmful acting out?

Really women? Really? Is this our sum total?

Does this woman’s posture do anything but reduce us to body parts for consumption? Ask most men to look at this photo, or better have him recall a time on film or DVD when he watched pole dancing,  and see if women grinding to poles makes him rise to anything remotely holy….
I am all about a woman being and feeling healthy and assured of her own worth. I am all about the “wow” factor of the female race. I am all about blow-the-house-down great sex. But I am also 100% convinced that women who try to imitate porn stars (women and men who are in need themselves of rescuing) look to the wrong source for inspiration and definition.  The women I talk to don’t need help being “sexed”. We need help being loved and cherished and adored for who we are, not just for the way we contort our frames around steel.
Is anybody hearing me? Did anyone even flinch when this offer came through?
We were watching a harmless movie with Salem and they snuck in a 30-second clip of pole dancing and men gawking. Her natural disgust and shock was immediate. “What is that?” she asked incredulous.  “Men and women wasting their strength and beauty on empty sex.” I said.   “Gross.” said the 13-yr-old.

Yep. It’s gross.

Women, what we need is how to tap into the real beauty, the passion, the fire that God has for us. In this place of true intimacy, we don’t feel like objects. We feel valued and enjoyed by our Maker. Then we can move to share that with our husbands. But we don’t create intimacy by imitating prostitutes.
“The man and woman were both naked and they felt no shame.”