For I Know…

How much of what God knows matters one whit to you?

If you read with your eyes and assimilate with your mind that “God knows the plans He has for you,” does that actually impact what you do with the rest of your life, your day, the next hour?

I find in my life that I have this uncanny ability to bank more on what I know, than what HE knows.

This is very, very scary.

Last night in the WGR class, we closed with a song by Sidewalk Prophets. It was so rich that I got up and had another dose of its truth this morning.

The Words I Would Say

Be strong in the Lord and
Never give up hope
You’re going to do great things
I already know
God’s got His hand on you so
Don’t live life in fear
Forgive and forget
But don’t forget why you’re here
Take your time and pray
Thank God for each day
His love will find a way
These are the words I would say

I need to be reminded that GOD has big plans for me and you.  I need to be reminded that “His arm is not too short to save” and “nothing thwarts the plans of God.” But more than simply being reminded, God invites me to live Differently because of this truth. I can rest in the reality that God is for me, with me, calling me out and drawing me in.

The only way to combat fear is to walk with Truth. The only way to change your mind and your life is through worship and repentance. Worship: soaking in the beauty and goodness of God. Repentance: confessing areas that you trust someone, something more than God and turning back towards Him.

I pray that today your hope will be in His plans for you. Yes you.  I pray His plans will fuel everything you think and do with a renewed sense of purpose that your life lived with Him, today, matters for all eternity.

Oh yes, I also pray that because you trust Him, and His plans, you learn to trust that He is going to use what you are going through Today to advance His plans. “For I know the plans I have for you…”