WGR Class Fall Semester Begins August 23rd!!

What is WGR class?

Jana is inviting hungry women to pursue the scripture and stories to see how the Lord builds intimacy through our senses.  This is an unusual class with hands on activities, soaking worship, and real seasons to hear from the Lord personally and powerfully.

The class is for all ages and does not require perfect attendance. Or homework.

We are meeting every Thursday at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in room B203 from 6:30-8:30pm.  CSPC is located at the corner of Kingston Pike and Cedar Bluff at 9132 Kingston Pike.  Free childcare will be provided with registration.  Please click here to register.

We will also be live streaming class this year so you can tune in at home!  Just visit the WGR UStream channel at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/womengettingreal to join the class every week at 6:30pm EST!  

For specific details around the class please feel free to email us at info@womengettingreal.com.

Why would we “retreat”?

If you know anything about military terms, “retreat” generally means you are getting your arse whipped. So you retreat to catch your breath, to design a strategy, to regroup and reassess the plan of attack.  If you have been around Christian circles, then “retreat” can mean something a little different — a time to rest and be quiet, to reflect and recharge. Think tents in battlefields compared to bed and breakfasts.

But I’m not sure the two meanings aren’t closer than we realize. We are in a spiritual war.  And sometimes it feels like we are getting pounded. We do need to rest and reevaluate our position and restock our weapons.  We do need to be reminded of what it is we are doing and is there a better way to go about the it. Who are we fighting again and why does it matter?

Thus said, I want you to strongly consider two “retreats” on the horizon, either for you personally or for someone you know.  The “Yes and Amen” Retreat is a time to get quiet with the Lord and really listen for Him. It is not mindless activity but purposeful exercises that help us see where God is working in our lives. We all need to be reminded of the “vision” He has for us and this weekend really draws that out. Time to rest, reflect, reassess what you are doing and why.  The Lord always seems pleased to breathe new life and new dreams into those who invest the time to be with Him. I don’t know how to explain what happens other than it is a supernatural time in His presence.  We are truly refreshed and renewed for a different level of warfare.

On the other hand, “Sweetly Broken” is a very unique retreat to help women who have been wounded by abortion. This  weekend is for women who have been recently wounded or have been carrying around this scar for years. We know that Jesus truly longs to heals this hurt so we are creating a very safe and tender time to seek that very healing. If this is you and you still feel shame or guilt, or feel like God is mad at you, please don’t live in this lie any longer. Come and be with other women who know exactly how you feel, but also know how to help you walk into wholeness again.  If this is someone you know, don’t let fear keep you from telling them about this weekend. The walking wounded need to know where to go for help, so be willing to give them directions.

If God has given you a  burden for these fellow soliders, we are waiting for Donor/Prayer Warriors who will carry each woman who attends Sweetly Broken in a spiritual way and a financial way. Think of it as going back to pick up a wounded solider on the field and carrying them to safety. We must link arms as we all battle together.

I am simply compelled to be part of building God’s kingdom.  But we must retreat at the right time.  I have to make myself pull away from the foray to really hear what my spirit needs for warfare. Won’t you join me for these two power filled weekends? And please, pray for His kingdom to be advanced as we seek His face.

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31

“Sweetly Broken”

The Lord met me at the beach last week.  I am still in awe. Standing on the seashore I always get caught up in the seashells.  I just love them.  They are so beautiful and colorful. They are diverse and repeating. And for the most part, they are broken. That is why I only look for the perfect ones.

On the first day of the beach trip, I was so caught up in looking for the pretty shells that I had to stop, drop and roll.  Stop looking. Drop the handful and roll my eyes out on the water.

To which I immediately heard, “I am so glad you came.”

After I fumbled an apology for getting distracted by the lesser thing, the Lord and I started a dialogue about how seashells are really sea debris.  They are only indicators of life that once was. We talked for some time about learning to focus on the deeper life of God, the unseen reality of Him, instead of running from shell to shell on the shore. Instead of seeking the hidden living treasures of the ocean, I was captivated by the trash of the sea, the remnants and reminders of what lies in the depths.

“But, I still like them so much, ” I sighed. To which He replied, “I know, Me too. It is a way for you to see glimpses of My beauty.”

Fast forward to dinner that night with friends, and I was recounting the conversation. Then my friend Dana offered to read a poem that the Lord had given her.  I sat there stunned as she read about the beauty of the broken shells like the beauty of broken lives, because life pours out when both are broken.

So the next day on my walk with God, I kept hearing the song, “Sweetly Broken” (by Jeremy Riddle). I asked the Lord what He was trying to say about that song and the conversation from the night before. And Wow. I saw a broken shell in the shape of a heart. I thought the Lord was just trying to love on me, but He told me to keep looking. So I found another. And another. And many, many more.

“What is this, Lord?”

“You were looking for perfect shells. But you can only find the hearts when they are broken.”

“Like people,” I said. “Like me,” I whispered.

“Yes, sweetly broken,” He said.

I began to weep. On the beach. In front of everyone, but I didn’t care. I thought about my own story. And the story of so many women and men. And you only see our hearts when we are broken. Like our Lord, we saw His heart when it was broken.

And His life has poured out on us, and our lives on others. Sweetly broken, the aroma of Christ. Hallelujah, what a God…