Life or Death

On my Facebook page  I posted a video link of Gianna Jensen. She has an amazing story of surviving an abortion. Literally. She is an aborted baby that survived.

What I love is her boldness. I love her willingness to pull back the curtain of denial and political ambiguity and let us see the real issue: the strong killing the weak. Of course I know this is a loaded gun. But I have myself walked through the abortion clinic doors. I, too, am a survivor, but my child is not. So I am not at all willing to look the other way about this life and death issue.

What about deformities?
What about rape?
What about the mother’s needs?

What about them? If you were the innocent, helpless baby in the womb, you would be praying that someone, somewhere would come up with another solution than your death.

There are always, always, always options.

Abortion is our issue. It’s not out there. Or “their decision.”  When unborn babies have no value, then what guarantees your value?  And a culture that embraces death only begets more death.

The death of Christ is the only death that ever brought forth new life. Every child sacrificed in clinics today is a kind of death in the parents, in their community and ultimately in our country.
Is the blood of Christ strong enough to wash away this sin?

Thank God, yes it is.

But we don’t sit idly or comfortably or neutrally by and do nothing. You have a voice. Use it for life.