God Stories

“And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.”

I am so overwhelmed by the goodness of God that I want to begin recording the miracles and healings and encounters. It is for us but also for our children and our community. We need to be reminded that our God is alive and very, very active.

From The Launching — July 2015.

I had the pleasure and privilege of attending The Launching weekend before last and I want you to know what a wonderful event it was and how I appreciate you and your ministries (independently and collectively). I also want to share with you how God used you (and Chuck) to change my life.

For the past few months I have not felt well. I have not slept well, been constantly fatigued, had hot flashes and night sweats, digestive issues and the list goes on. To put into context to know how like me this was, I ran three full (26.2 mile) marathons in the past 15 months, I have trainers and health coaches, I eat organic/non-processed/no sugar, etc. I had been to my endocrinologist who had said my thyroid levels were completely off (do not have an active thyroid gland so I take medication) but being down for such a long period was unusual. My mom wanted me tested for cancer and Lupus just again to tell you how not me this felt.

Anyway, when our time together was coming to a close Jana welcomed us to use the time for prayer before leaving. Knowing there was such power there through the Spirit, I felt led to ask for help. I needed and wanted what only God could provide (peace, healing, rest, comfort, hope).

When Laura spoke I could resonate with her amazing God stories that my life are full of, Jana shared inspiration, encouragement and spoke of Chuck’s desire to begin sharing the power of healing God has spoken to his heart about and Suzanne is just the most amazing woman of God I know, admire and adore so I waited until I could not ask one to pray but could gather Laura, Suzanne and Chuck all together. I needed help and I knew in these God has a powerhouse of faith and I believe in Him. I know I can ask boldly with expectation knowing that He is my God of whom I will praise, revere, seek, love and serve whatever his answer for He is worthy of glory and praise.

You prayed with me and for me boldly. You prayed for healing of my body, thyroid, hormone levels and heart/mind with body image issues I have struggled with for decades. What medication was unable to do, God was. The rest of Saturday after leaving there I was silent taking in what just happened, listening for God and asking what my role is now. I dreamed of my life with His restoration and health again. I believed that if it is His will, my body would be restored. By Sunday my energy was back to normal, I felt good again. By Tuesday I was sleeping through the night without hot flashes. Today I have spent the last week in my pre/normal workout routine and my digestive issues have vanished. I have also felt so encouraged and at peace with my body as well. I keep thinking, laughing to myself, singing and dancing for God to the beautiful melody of “How great is our God”. I feel like a healthy person again. God would be good either answer, but ladies He said yes!!!

I cannot thank you (and Chuck so please share with him) how grateful I am for your prayer, love, support and faith. God has used you in my life in amazing ways!!!!

Since leaving I have been praying for you. I want to give back even a small portion of that love, prayer, support and faith in your lives and ministries. I would love to continue to do so and if there are things I can do or pray for specifically, please let me know.

You are amazing. You are His!!!!

Love & Blessings, J.


From Wild About You Class, Oct 2015

I have to tell you the AMAZING thing that happened to me last night during class! Last Friday I slipped on a wet floor at work and pulled the muscles in my lower back and shoulders. I tried to stop the fall and my foot got twisted and my weight was on my hands, which caused great pain in my left hand.I was in terrible pain all weekend and basically stayed in bed on a heating pad. Sitting made it worse. So, I missed The Launching, which I was so disappointed about. I’d already been having issues with my back and this just made it worse. Last night during class my feet were hurting to the point that it was taking my breath. During worship I felt like I needed to stand and worship past it.

At the end of class when you asked if anyone was needing prayer, I wanted to raise my hand, but truthfully, I tired of dealing with chronic pain and didn’t raise my hand. Under my breath I asked the Lord to show me that He knew where I was. [A woman] prayed for me in the line and she looked at me and seemed to be struggling as what to say. Then she said that she felt the Lord wanted her to pray for healing in my feet. She asked if she could touch my feet as she prayed. Bam. This morning the pain is nearly GONE! I had to share this with you. He’s good. And faithful.

I’m so thankful that you push us to step out of our comfort zone. I had never met [this woman] and I hate to admit it, but when she was the one in line to pray for me I thought, ” wrong pairing, Lord”. But he sees past me and knew what I needed.